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Since 2002, InfoTrack, a Microsoft partner is on a mission to provide clients engaged in large capital projects the tools necessary to shrink project time lines.  The solutions which were initially developed provided the foundation for tools that are now considered revolutionary.


Our product line-up includes mobile multimedia assessment, business intelligence analytics and on-line multi vendor project status dashboards


Our Mission

InfoTrack is focused on using the most current and secure technologies to analyze and report time critical data. Our effective approach allows corporations of any size to easily and effectively manage projects and operational resources


Our turnkey offerings:

Full Stack Web Development

  • Back-end services
  • Business layer
  • Azure based cloud
  • Graphical user interface
  • Test, support & training
  • Monthly subscription

Microsoft Windows Solution

  • Thick client implementation
  • Advanced third party controls for exceptional user interface
  • Azure based cloud
  • Test, support & training
  • Monthly subscription

IT Consulting

  • Technology recommendation based on your business requirements
  • Real world, practical, cost effective  solutions to your business challenges

Business Intelligence

  • Complete analysis and analytical solutions for the world's best ERP i.e.
    • IBM Maximo
    • MS Dynamics
    • ABB - Asset Management
    • SAP

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.

Design is how it works"

- Steve Jobs -

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"


- Leonardo da Vinci -

"Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering"

- Bill Gates -


We have achieved milestones, only few competitors can come close




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Products | PANR (Project Analysis & Reporting)

Business Intelligence and work management for any ERP

Decodes your ERP

  • Intelligently finds entity relationships and show cases one entity per screen
  • Uses single click filters to find decision making information in seconds
  • Aligns ERP modules and highlights dependencies
  • Works with all ERPs including
    • IBM Maximo
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • SAP
    • ABB - Asset Management Suite

Adds a work management layer

  • Add comments or actions on entities
  • Insert any type of attachments with revision
  • Automatically create a To Do list for employees
  • Automatically create a lessons learned
  • Remove dependencies on emails to "solve" issues

Integrates with any external data source

  • Connects with any data source in the organization
  • Integrate data sources with the ERP for accurate decision making
  • Connect to scheduling engine such as Primavera or other data sources in SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, MS Access, MS Excel, even Word files

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Module Add-ons

  • Add new modules integrated with existing ERP data
  • ERP customizations are expensive. Save significant cost by creating new modules in PANR

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Products | PANR - AMS (Asset Management System)

ABB Asset Management Implementation

Work management with focused modules

  • Department centric separate modules for maximum efficiency
  • Modules for each of the following entities
    • Work Order
    • Work Order Task
    • Equipment (Valve & Other)
    • Material
    • Cat-ID
    • Resources
  • Analyze and relate complex data and use it to improve decision making, cutting cost and identifying new opportunities
  • Discover and solve bottle necks e.g. holds, before they come to surface
  • Works with projects and outages

Enhanced visibility

  • Highlight issues such as schedule adherence, holds, department deliverables, individual task lists
  • Create a culture where visible highlighted challenges need to be addressed and solved as a project team
  • Create, on the fly, lessons learned while working with a project. Provide team members an opportunity to learn from each other
  • Increase communication and information exchange within the project team
  • Align
    • Division & Department
    • Planning
    • Construction
    • Asset
    • Employees
    • Schedule

Focused asset management

  • Retrieve, equipment based critical information for valves, pumps, transformers, heat exchangers, etc
  • Single line item to provide complete information about an equipment
  • Equipment specific deliverables e.g for valves
    • Name tag
    • Check list
    • Code class
    • Instrument Calibration Sheet (ICS)
    • Kalsi
    • Lube list
    • Valve packing data sheet (VPDS)
      • Consolidation
      • Repack

Bells & Whistles

  • Each module customizable based on user requirement
  • Create unlimited filter combination for each module and share with colleagues
  • Conditional format, group, sort, arrange and add new grid columns as required
  • Work with interactive exportable pivot within the solution
  • Export to Excel
  • Multi monitor support
  • Place comment or action on entities with any type of attachment

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Products | PI (Project Insight)

Vendor & Customer web communication Portal

Project analytics

  • Project overview for all your customers under one roof
  • Integrate project data and get a single metric for critical decision making

Work management

  • Highlight and solve project bottlenecks using a task list visible to both you and your customers
  • Customizable as per work flow processes
  • Streamline process work flow by on line form submittal

Web accessible

  • Stakeholders access web portal globally 24/7
  • Exchange and access project files from a common repository 24/7

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